ALPHA FLIGHT Vol.3 Lot (Marvel/2004)


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ALPHA FLIGHT Vol.3 Lot (Marvel/2004)
*(Grade:NEAR MINT)

*Written by SCOTT LOBDELL Cover & pencils by CLAYTON HENRY “You Gotta be Kidding Me” pt. 1?Bigger than Avril Lavigne! More exciting than National Hockey Night! Scott Lobdell returns to the X-Men Universe and heads north of the border for the surprising premiere of an ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT ALPHA FLIGHT! The Canadian superteam returns in a shocking new series that will be the talk of Saskatchewan! Featuring the debut of new heroes and the return of several old favorites! Once he’s assembled the All-New, All-Different Alpha Flight squad, what’s Sasquatch going to do with them? Plus: Learn the secret origins of Canada’s newest supergroup!