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Cover pencils by Steve Skroce, inks by Rob Hunter. “‘Twas a Night Before Christmas,” script by Tom DeFalco, pencils by Steve Skroce, inks by Bud LaRosa; The still-alive Uno escapes from police custody; Learning this and hoping for payback, Delilah searches for him; Meanwhile, Peter finds a pair of boots perfect for Mary Jane’s Christmas present, and lucks into two assignments that will enable him to buy them; The first is to photograph the new Washington Square Park street prophet, X-Man; Nate senses who Peter is and they head off for a private chat, where he lectures Nate on invading people’s minds – especially his; After an exchange of origins, Nate accompanies Spidey on his next assignment where they get to know each other; Elsewhere, Uno finds Delilah and they fight; Peter gets a bonus from the Bugle, buys the boots, and invites Nate home for Christmas Eve dinner. Rose cameo. Skroce/Hunter cover. Story concludes in X-Man (1995) #24.