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AVENGERS 2001 ANNUAL cover by ian churchill kurt busiek/ivan reiss & ian churchill/norm rapmund ? THE SCOOP: Spinning out of the monthly AVENGERS series, this Annual reveals the fates of Goliath, the Wasp and Iron Man! ? THE STORY: There’s one Hank Pym too many ? and that spells trouble for both Goliath and the Avengers! But now, in the midst of a worldwide battle, both Hanks are on the verge of death ? and the only person who can help may be… Triathlon? Plus: in a special back-up story penciled by UNCANNY X-MEN’s Ian Churchill, we answer a hotly debated question: now that they’re back from the Heroes Reborn world, why isn’t Tony Stark still a teenager and Janet van Dyne a giant bug-woman?