Batman Urban Legends 09-A (2021 DC)


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Cover by Khary Randolph. Written by Alyssa Wong, Sam Johns, Dan Watters and Brandon Thomas. Art by Vasco Georgiev, Karl Mostert, Nikola Cizmesija, Cian Tormey and Raul Fernandez. Batwoman in “Disinformation Campaign: Part 2 of 2” by Alyssa Wong and Vasco Georgiev: FEAR STATE TIE-IN! Batwoman now has the help of her sister, Beth, who is currently disguised as Red Alice to hit the underground network of villains in order to trace where the Anti-Oracle is. The only problem is, all of this is too familiar for Beth…and as old habits die hard, so might this be for Beth in keeping Red Alice at bay. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum in “Down the Rabbit Hole: Part 1 of 2” by Sam Johns and Karl Mostert: After their last job with the Mad Hatter, Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum took their money and decided to live a quiet life…but a quiet life can be just as dangerous. Tweedle Dee has fallen ill, and Tweedle Dum will find out quickly that a pile of stolen money isn’t enough to survive in Gotham City. Will his wickeder ways prevail and see him turn to a life of crime to save his cousin’s life? Azrael in “Dark Knight of the Soul: Part 2 of 3” by Dan Watters and Nikola Cizmesija: Dead criminals are walking the streets of Gotham City, and Azrael’s faith is shaken. Is the rapture truly upon us, and will this avenging angel be called home? Or is there a more sinister and human force at work, and what warrior has been stalking Jean-Paul Valley without him noticing? Threats to Azrael’s body and soul are here, and he’ll need more than a flaming sword to stop them. The Outsiders in “The Fearful: Part 2 of 2” by Brandon Thomas, Cian Tormey and Raul Fernandez: FEAR STATE TIE-IN! The Fearful has turned the Outsiders against each other! Tim Drake has entered the fray to save the manipulated team, but it won’t be enough. The future of the Outsiders depends on the Signal, but he’ll need help…from the world of FUTURE STATE. Signal, meet Future State Duke Thomas, and listen to every warning he has to deliver! 64 pages