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Cover pencils by John Paul Leon, inks by Shawn Martinbrough. Dark Waters, script by Steven Grant, pencils by Christopher Schenk, inks by George Freeman; Kenn Kawa, bound and weighted, sinks into the ocean; He reflects how he got here as he pries off the water-soaked knots; The Challs are asked to investigate the disappearance of a young man from an offshore oil rig. Brenda and Kenn visit the rig: no oil in sight, no facial hair on any man; Ashore, Clay and Marlon question an oil executive who goes nuts with a gun screaming “Kolkothak is coming!”; Climbing back on the rig, Kenn learns the young missing MAN is a WOMAN, transformed by other-gody magic; All the crew are women, a sort-of Amazon cult; They’re dedicated to Kolkothak, a Lovecraftesque alien squid-monster who was buried under the Pacific Ocean–until the oil drilling set it free.