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Last $2.25 cover price. Cover pencils by Ron Frenz (sketch) and John Paul Leon, inks by Shawn Martinbrough. Earth Came A-Walkin’, script by Steven Grant, pencils by Ryan Sook, inks by Bill Reinhold; Millenium Giants are stomping all over the world; In England, the Challs try to divert the giant King Under the Hill, who’s walking a collision course with London; Clay Brody zooms on a motorcycle and leaps into the giant’s foot; Kenn Kawa identifies ley lines of mystical energy–with help from John Constantine; Marlon flies overhead and Brenda coordinates; With Army help, the Challs siphon huge amounts of electricity through power lines–and the giant turns; Visiting New Mexico, the Challs consult Tim Blue Star, a Hopi shaman; He figures the Earth is cleansed in cycles; “We’re dead,” says Brenda; Marlon suggests they need someone bigger–Superman.