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Cover pencils by Mike Zeck, inks by Denis Rodier. Saxon’s Story, script by Steven Grant, pencils by Mike Zeck, inks by Denis Rodier; Background: Saxon (first name Noel) has dogged the Challengers since their inception; He’s an Anti-Challenger resisting all efforts to probe the unknown; When last seen (COTU V3, 9), Saxon was sucked into a Tesla field to who-knows-where; Punks playing at devil worship conjure Saxon back to this world; Saxon visits his dying father and sister in a hospital; A local invites Saxon to a meeting; Lured to the Aristos, cultists of the Eye of the Dark Flame, the flame reveals Saxon’s origin: he was also aboard the jet that crashed, but he turned away from the fierce life-altering light; The flame chooses Saxon as the “Champion of the Endtime!”; Saxon rejects demon worship and shoots the place up; Becky is a cultist: she tried to sell Saxon’s soul to save their father. Saxon strangles her; Saxon leaves; His SHADOW gloats.