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A collection of Christmas stories by various artists. “The Present” (Green Lantern/Green Arrow), story by Devin Grayson, art by Will Rosado; “The House of Peace” (Batman) by Chuck Dixon and Dave Taylor; “Present Tense” (Darkseid) by Ty Templeton; “Twas the Night Before Kwanzaa” (Black Lightning) by Tony Isabella and Eddie Newell; “The Gift” (Superman) by Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding; “I Left My Heart At The Justice Society Canteen” (JSA) by Howard Chaykin and Rick Burchett; “A Christmas Carol” (Sgt. Rock) by Chuck Dixon and Russ Heath; and “The Old Lane”, an early story featuring Nightwing and Oracle together (predates “Birds of Prey” #8 by a year), by Brian Stelfreeze and Devin Grayson.