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WRITTEN BY GREG RUCKA; ART BY SHAWN MARTINBROUGH AND STEVE MITCHELL; COVER BY BRIAN STELFREEZE In the wake of “No Man’s Land,” longer stories, a new emphasis on Batman as a detective, and a muted color palette add up to a bold new look for the book that introduced the Dark Knight. The book that introduced the Dark Knight takes on a noir quality as “No Man’s Land” writer Greg Rucka (Whiteout: Melt) is joined by artists Shawn Martinbrough (THE CREEPER, ACTION COMICS) and Steve Mitchell (DAY OF JUDGMENT), and employs a muted color palette for stylish mystery stories starring the Dark Knight. For the first four months of 2000, each extra-length issue of DETECTIVE will include 30-page lead stories (8 extra pages), after which an exciting all-new 8-page feature will make its debut. In DETECTIVE COMICS #742 (with a cover by Brian Stelfreeze), a new year finds a violent murder leading Batman to the discovery of organized-crime elements attempting to create a power base in the new Gotham. Meanwhile, Commissioner James Gordon is still reeling from his personal losses in No Man’s Land.