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Peter Cannon was an infant orphaned in Tibet, raised by monks and trained in the ancient art of combat until he learned he was the reincarnated hereditary champion, Vajra. Peter Cannon inherits the secrets of power contained in ancient Tibetan scrolls, teaching him how to use his entire mental capacity, making him the strongest, fastest, most agile human alive. Peter Cannon has become a virtually unbeatable hero! Thunderbolt is now in England, retired from being an American costumed hero after suffering defeat at the hands of a superior foe. But danger has once again caught up with Peter Cannon, forcing him back into action to save the life of the beautiful Cairo DeFrey. His return to his destined role as Thunderbolt draws him into the underworld realm of intrigue, deceit, super-villains and murder. Written by Mike Collins, with art and cover by Collins and Jose Marzan, Jr.