RISING STARS:Voices of the Dead Lot (Top Cow/2005)


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RISING STARS:Voices of the Dead Lot (Top Cow/2005)
#1,2,3,4,5 *(of six)

*(W) Fiona Avery (P) Staz Johnson (I) Wayne Faucher. Zerb and Rising Stars haunt Top Cow! Lionel Zerb can see dead people. Always considered the freak in the Rising Stars universe, Zerb’s story has largely gone overlooked…until now. As a direct conduit to the dead, Zerb opens an agency as a Ghost Interpreter, helping people deal with hauntings and other “spirit” cases. But one day, Zerb stumbles upon a force greater than he ever imagined. Lionel must confront an ancient spiritual power that brings him near death, but closer to an understanding about the mysteries of the universe. Great new Rising Stars action is brought to you by Fiona Avery (Amazing Fantasy, AraƱa) and Staz Johnson (Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus)!