Spirit of the Tao 06 (1998)


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Cover pencils by Billy Tan, inks by D-Tron. Untitled story, script by Billy Tan (Plot) and D-Tron (Plot; Script), pencils by Billy Tan, inks by Team Tron (D-Tron; Jeff De Los Santos; Andy Kim), Jose Guillen (Assistant), and Viet Truong (Assistant); Jasmine has had her hand cut off and she and Lance are wandering through the sewers when they encounter Messiah; Messiah tells them that they are the true saviors of Mother Earth and the Tao Hunters are the real threat; He makes Lance kill a sacrificial victim in order to save Jasmine’s life; This act releases the Spirit of the Tao which transforms Jasmine and Lance into a giant dragon that begins to lay waste to San Francisco; Mary and her troops hit the dragon with nukes and believe they have killed it but Jasmine and Lance separate and escape back to Alcatraz Island.