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WRITTEN BY DAN JURGENS; ART AND COVER BY JURGENS AND PHIL JIMENEZ In stores January 12. Two teams of heroes a millennium apart join forces in THE TITANS/LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES: UNIVERSE ABLAZE, an incredible 4- issue Prestige miniseries that’s a labor of love for its creators: writer/penciller Dan Jurgens (AQUAMAN, SUPERMAN: THE DOOMSDAY WARS, Thor) and finisher Phil Jimenez (JLA/TITANS, THE INVISIBLES). And what Titans foe brings two of DC’s longest-lasting super-teams together, spanning the centuries that separate them? None other than the supernatural cult leader Brother Blood! In THE TITANS/LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES: UNIVERSE ABLAZE #1, the 30th century’s greaest defenders foil a robbery attempt at an Egyptian pyramid, only to discover an unexpected find from a somewhat less-ancient time: the cryogenically frozen bodies of Flash, Arsenal, Tempest, Troia, Omen, Argent, and Starfire! The mystery behind their thousand-year imprisonment lies with their archenemy Brother Blood, who has also returned after a millennium’s slumber. As the Legionnaires help the Titans unravel the mystery of how their super-heroic careers came to an abrupt end, the time-swept heroes must come to terms with the fact that they may never see their friends and loved ones again. But they don’t have much time to grieve, as the combined teams soon discover that the revival of both the Titans and Brother Blood is part of a larger plot. And the mastermind behind it is a familiar foe to Legion fans…one who’s looking to defeat two teams of heroes and take over the entire universe! (Note: this miniseries takes place before the recent “Legion of the Damned” storyline in the Legion titles.)