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Written by Len Wein, Paul Levitz, Mike Barr, Bob Rozakis, Todd Klein, and others. Character/artist listing: Gray Man by Mark Beachum; Green Lantern Corps by Joe Staton; Guardians of the Universe by Joe Staton; Hazard by Todd McFarlane and Al Gordon; Himon by Richard Howell and Greg Theakston; Hippolyte by George Perez; Host by John Byrne; Hybrid by Eduardo Barreto; Ian Karkull by Greg Brooks; Icicle II by Todd McFarlane and Al Gordon; Infinity Inc. by Vince Argondezzi; Injustice Unlimited by Jerome Moore and Karl Kesel; “Iron” Munro by Howard Simpson and Malcolm Jones 3rd; Jihad by Luke McDonnell and Karl Kesel; John Constantine by ?; Justice League by Kevin Maguire and Terry Austin; Kalki by Steve Lightle; Kanto by Richard Howell and Greg Theakston; Katma Tui by Joe Staton; Kilg%re by Jackson Guice and Jack Torrance; Kilowog by Joe Staton; Kite-Man by Richard Howell and Murphy Anderson; Krypton & Kryptonite by John Byrne; Lady Blackhawk by Brian Bolland; Lady Shiva by Jan Duursema; Legion of Substitute Heroes by Greg LaRocque and Mike DeCarlo; Lex Luthor by John Byrne; Lionmane by Richard Howell and Don Heck. Eduardo Barreto cover.