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Written by Len Wein, Paul Levitz, Mike Barr, Bob Rozakis, John Ostrander, and others. Character/artist listing: Lois Lane by John Byrne; Lords of the Ultra-Realm by Pat Broderick; Madmen by Carl Potts and Al Milgrom; Magpie by John Byrne; Marine Marauder by Ty Templeton; Mentalla by Steve Lightle; Metallo by John Byrne; Mikado by Denys Cowan and Greg Brooks; Mindancer by Dan Jurgens and Joe Rubinstein; Minutemen by Dave Gibbons; Mr. Bones by Todd McFarlane; Mr. 104 by Richard Bruning and Karl Kesel; Mon-El by Chuck Patton and Robert Campanella; Moonbow by Steve Bove and Dick Giordano; Muse by Martin King and Dennis Janke; New Atlantis by Jim Valentino and Art Thibert; Olympian Gods by George Perez; Outsiders by Jim Aparo; Overthrow by Ross Andru and Joe Rubinstein; Paradise Island by George Perez; Parasite by Joe Brozowski and Steve Mitchell; Peacemaker by Tod Smith; People’s Heroes by Jim Aparo; Phantom of the Fair by Michael Bair; Power Girl by Mary Wilshire; Protector by June Brigman and Karl Kesel; Question by Denys Cowan and Bob Smith; Qurac by Luke McDonnell and Arne Starr; Rampage by John Byrne. Todd McFarlane cover.