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Variant cover with moon in background. by Brian Pulido & Adriano Batista; colored by Drew Kitty was once a good cop gone bad in the heart of corrupt New Orleans… but that was a long, long time ago. Since then, she’s renounced her criminal way of life, married and retreated to the comfort of northern Louisiana. But fate has other plans for Kitty, as a supernatural force robs the life of a loved one and draws her back into the black heart of the Big Easy. Now she’s locked, loaded, and lethal! Bad Kitty is a good-old homicidal tale of bullet-ridden, gut-wrenching action, steeped in bad mojo and voodoo. Bad Kitty ? the next female sensation from the creator of Lady Death, Purgatori, and Chastity! Bad Kitty is a nail-biting supernatural crime thriller. Recommended for fans who love pop-cultural entertainment like Pulp Fiction and The Punisher! Cover by Adriano Batista.