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In the abandoned CyberData facility, Mother-One finds evidence that she was once a member of a pre-CyberForce team along with Brenda Lewis (later to become Killjoy) and a man by the name of Nicholas Christian. Kracus has slaughtered the residents of a small city, and waits in the desert for his queen. WetWorks fires nuclear weapons, which ave no effect on the Ethreal lord. When the real battle begins, Mother-One withdraws the symbiote that has been blocking Ballistic’s Ethreal infection. When she engages Kracus, Cassie is taken away by Dia, who attempts to unleash her full potential. With her new powers, Ballistic kills Kracus. Dia, the last survivng Ethreal, brings Ballistic down from her fury, and Mother-One re-establishes her symbiote block of Ballistic’s infection. They then go their separate ways, with Ballistic intending to go off in search of Stryker.