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GIRL FRENZY Lot (DC/1998)*Five 1st Editions!


*BATMAN:Batgirl #1
*BIRDS of PREY:The Ravens #1
*STARMAN:The Mist #1
*SUPERMAN:Lois Lane #1
*WONDER WOMAN:Donna Troy #1


*BATMAN:Batgirl – One of DC’s most popular heroines returns (in flashback) in a GIRLFRENZY one-shot! Batgirl Barbara Gordon finds that fighting crime doesn’t provide the thrills it once did. But that may not be a problem for long, unless she can defeat the horrifying serial killer known as Mr. Zsasz. Written by Kelley Puckett. Art by Jim Balent and Rick Burchett. Cover by Leonard Kirk and Karl Story.

*BIRDS of PREY:Ravens – A GIRLFRENZY one-shot introducing a team of villains that will cause big problems for Black Canary and Oracle! The internationally feared martial artist known as Cheshire assembles a team of mercenaries to steal a weapon…but they may be scarier than the weapon itself! Termina, Vicious and Pistolera…together they are the Ravens, who will face the Birds of Prey in their new ongoing title, beginning later this year. Written by Chuck Dixon. Art by Nelson DeCastro and Drew Geraci. Cover by Leonard Kirk and Karl Story.

*STARMAN:The Mist – Mary Marvel guest-stars in this GIRLFRENZY one-shot showcasing Starman’s deadliest villainess! To save her child, the Mist must work for the insidious Green Lantern foe, the Black Hand. But when Mary Marvel tries to get involved, will even the powers of the gods save Mary from the wrath of the Mist? Written by James Robinson. Art by John Lucas and Richard Case. Cover by Leonard Kirk and Karl Story.

*SUPERMAN:Lois Lane – The First Lady of the DC Universe takes center stage in a GIRLFRENZY one-shot! “The name is Lane…Lois Lane.” With these words begins the most incredible undercover adventure of the intrepid reporter’s career. It’s a story that features genetic manipulations, spies and counterspies, a would-be world dominator, polar bears and an appearance by the classic costume-wearing Superman! Written by Barbara Kesel. Art by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. Cover by Leonard Kirk and Karl Story.

*WONDER WOMAN:Donna Troy – Troia, Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel take on the Red Panzer and his followers in an effort to protect thousands of peaceful marchers in “Why?” Script & pencils by Phil Jimenez, inks by John Stokes. Cover by Leonard Kirk & Karl Story.