HELL’S ANGEL Set (Marvel UK/1992)*Full Run!


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HELL’S ANGEL Set (Marvel UK/1992)*Full Run!
*(Grade:NEAR MINT)
#1,2,3,4,5*final issue

*Hell’s Angel, script by Bernie Jaye, pencils by Geoff Senior, inks by Cam Smith; the origin of Hell’s Angel; The X-Men guest-star. Operaton Psycho Warrior, script by Bernie Jaye, art by Geoff Senior; Hell’s Angel teams up with the X-Men and a quartet of long dead heroes to battle the Psycho-Warriors and prevent them from assassinating one of Mys-Tech’s chief rivals; She discovers the existence of the Un-Earth, an entire world created by Mys-Tech to give them power over the real earth. Article in which the relationship between Shevaun and her father and their connection to MyS-Tech is explained.