Ms. Tree Quarterly Special 01 (1990 DC)


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Stories by Max Allan Collins, Ed Gorman, and Denny ONeil. Art by Terry Beatty, Graham Nolan, and Mike Grell. Cover by Mike Grell. DC Comics picks up the acclaimed hardboiled detective series featuring female PI Michael Tree, last seen in Ms. Tree Thrilling Detective Adventures (1983 Renegade) #50. Michael investigates after Dominique Muerta, crimelord and occasional foe of Ms. Tree, is murdered. The backup story features the debut of a new version of the Spirit-like Golden Age detective hero, Midnight. Also featuring a Batman text story by the great Denny O’Neil, with spot illustrations by Mike Grell. Saucy cover by Mike Grell. Gift of Death; Night Kills; The Name. 80 pages