Mythography 03 (1996)


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Painted cover art by Michael Cohen. “Small World,” script and art by Carla Speed McNeil; Elves have a mating ceremony. Dinosaur pinup by Craig A. Taillefer. “Anghus and the Swan Maiden,” script and art by Trina Robbins; Irish prince falls in love with a swan princess. “Part Two History”, script by Scott Davis (co-creator; writer) and Steve Brooks (co-creator), art by Steve Brooks; Characters tell how they were captured by slavers. “The Robber Bride’s Groom,” script and art by Jimmy Gownley; Man finds out that his fiancĂ©e is a bandit leader. “Traitor’s Gate Pt. 2,” script by James Lowder, art by Jerry Beck; Victorian grave robbers plan to steal executed man’s head. “The Quest Part One,” script and art by Andrew Pepoy; Simone & Ajax are sent on a quest to find the treasure of the Nibbledsmerphen. “The Silver Scarf Book 3,” script and art by Michael Cohen; Myjal meets Gorthodax and tells of his quest. Back cover art by Bryan Talbot. 68 pgs