Mythography 05 (1996)


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Painted cover art by Michael Cohen. “Anubis Squadron,” script and art by C. Scott Morse; Crashed insect-riding “foo fighters” look for a ride home. “The Silver Scarf Book 5,” script and art by Michael Cohen; Tessa tells the story of her history. “Possessions,” script and art by Michael Hoffman; Warrior rescues a woman from beast-men. “Roc’s Keep,” script by Barry Gregory (original short story) and Jenni Gregory, art by Jenni Gregory; Soldier helps a game warden protect endangered magic animals. “A Moment’s Adventure,” script and art by Jeremy McHugh; Adventurer finds a dragon’s hoard. “Atlantis Part One,” script and art by Andrew Pepoy; Simone & Ajax are transferred to the Atlantis Dolphin Patrol. “The Call of Nature,” script and art by Craig A. Taillefer; Explorers travel to a legendary temple. Osoosgrinich the Odius illustration by Stephen R. Bissette. Back cover art by Bryan Talbot. 76 pgs.