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WRITTEN BY BRIAN AZZARELLO; ART BY RICHARD CORBEN; PAINTED COVER BY TIM BRADSTREET In stores January 26. In his first-ever series work, legendary horror artist Richard Corben (Den) joins new HELLBLAZER writer Brian Azzarello (100 BULLETS, JONNY DOUBLE) and cover artist Tim Bradstreet for “Hard Time,” a 5-part story that finds John Constantine in a new kind of hell: a maximum-security penitentiary. Throughout his sordid career, not much has scared Constantine. As long as he’s had his smokes and his freedom, he’s always been in control. But what happens when those things are taken away from him? The unexpected answers begin to play out in HELLBLAZER #146. Stripped of his trademark trench coat, his pack of Silk Cuts, and the safety net of his personal connections, Constantine must adapt to an environment unlike any other he’s experienced ? a hard place governed by even harder men, where weakness is rewarded by death…or worse. For Constantine, always used to being the baddest of the bad, survival will require learning a whole new set of rules as he navigates a treacherous maze of ruthless gangs, brutal guards and, eventually, the prison’s formidable overlord. And once his education is complete, then Constantine can begin to teach others the rules of his game. And that’s when things start to get really interesting…