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HELLRAISER Lot (Epic/1989)*Clive Barker/Prestige


*Behind prison walls, a hellish box offers freedom – at a price! Nerves unfeeling, a leper seeks new sensations with the Cenobites. The limits of pain probed by computer. A damnation’s heart, a writer’s perfect work requires…changes. A gallery hangs canvasses stretched skin tight and painted in red. These are pieces eager to slip into their place in the puzzle, throwing wide the door to hell and setting loose five all new tales sprung from the dark and deadly universe of Clive Barker. Includes Tales by Marc McLaurin, Jorge Zaffino, James Robert Smith, Mike Hoffman, Dwayne McDuffie, Kevin O’Neil, Mark Kneece, Scott Hampton, Philip Nutman, and Bill Koeb. Featuring pin-ups by Jon J. Muth, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Mike Mignola. 64 pages