Werewolf by Night 03 (1998 2nd Series)


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Written by Paul Jenkins. Art and Wraparound Painted Cover by Leonardo Manco./ – The Strange Tales line expands as Jack Russell returns in this all-new, horrific series! Jack Russell knows the precise moment of his own damnation, the moment when dusk gives way to night and he experiences the terrifying transformation into a werewolf. Each time Jack undergoes the change, he experiences the briefest glimpse of Hell — a glimpse that seems to last for an eternity. It’s more than any man can bear, and so Jack seeks release before insanity claims him once and for all! Jack has sought anonymity in New York’s lower East Side among the derelicts and tenements. With his condition worsening, he knows he must confront his curse. Searching through a book of arcane knowledge, he comes across a description of a demon who may control the wolf aspect in humans, but only if the person learns the demon’s name and asks for release. With the demon’s name hidden in the four corners of the netherworld, Jack’s mission is clear. But he will soon discover that when you walk willingly into Hell, you may never come out!