Howard the Duck 01 (2002 2nd Series)


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painted cover by glenn fabry steve gerber (w)/phil winslade (p) / – THE SCOOP: Howard’s co-creator returns to launch an outrageous new beginning for a classic character!  THE SET-UP: Scathing, timely, and even sexy, HOWARD THE DUCK was one of the most acclaimed titles of the ’70s, featuring biting social satire and incisive characterization. Now MAX proudly presents the return of Howard and his girlfriend – Beverly. The new HOWARD tackles the big issues, starting with that scourge of the modern world: Boy Bands! “Making the Band” is classic satire in the Gerber/Howard tradition – with all the added creative freedom that the MAX line allows! Trapped on a world he never made, Howard himself will be lucky to survive his encounter with the corporate music world…unchanged!