ALF Trade Paperback 1st Edition (Marvel/1988)*Squrebound Format


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ALF Trade Paperback 1st Edition (Marvel/1988)*Squrebound Format

1st printing. Collects ALF #1-3.

Written by Michael Gallagher. Art by Dave Manak and Marie Severin.

A comic book adaptation of the TV sitcom and cartoon that aired on NBC from 1986 to 1990 featuring an Alien Life Form (ALF) living with a modern day average American family. It’s a big problem when ALF’s spaceship gets accidentally picked up by the garbage men in “At Your Disposal.” Then ALF goes along on the family’s ski resort vacation but struggles with having to stay indoors and out of sight, especially when Brian is having bully problems in “Snow Skin Off My Nose.” And in “Play Misty for Me,” ALF tells Willie and Kate about his “glory days” as an orbit guard on Melmac. All these great stories and more!

Softcover, 64 pages, full color.