Flaming Carrot 01 (2004 Image)


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by BOB BURDEN. cover by BOB BURDEN./ – The legendary Flaming Carrot returns in an all-new quarterly series! With no super powers to speak of, this free-wheeling, second-string, milltown hero usually just blasts his way out of a bad spot in a hail of gunfire and reckless violence. Then it’s down to the nearest seedy bar or strip joint for the blue plate special and a night of brawling, carousing and wanton debauchery! America’s first surrealist superhero! The poor man’s H-Bomb! The pied piper of fun! From the creator of Mystery Men! THIS ISSUE: FLAMING CARROT’s amazing No. 1 IMAGE/DESPERADO Issue!!  “Crouching Carrot, Hidden Hot Wing!” Flaming Carrot Comics celebrates its 20th Anniversary with an all-new quarterly series! America’s first surrealist superhero partners up with the sassy, saucy, former juvenile delinquent, Dynamite Girl, to battle Burden’s most asinine villain yet: an eight-foot, anime-loving, poker-playing, baby-eating Hot Wing! Sponge Boy, The Flying Dead Dog and Miniature Abe Lincoln return, with a guest appearance by Mullet Force 6.