INSTANT PIANO Set (Dark Horse)*Full Run!


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INSTANT PIANO Set (Dark Horse)*Full Run!
#1,2,3,4*(of four)

*By Kyle Baker, Mark Badger, Robbie Busch, Stephen Destefano and Evan Dorkin. Cover by Kyle Baker. Not a jury in the world would convict these guys of premeditated humor. Instant Piano is the snappiest slap-in-the-face comic to hit the racks in years and presents the most sharp-witted, cynical cartoonists alive, including Mark Badger, Kyle Baker, Robbie Busch, Stephen DeStefano, and Evan Dorkin. If this one was any more spontaneous it would combust on the shelves! If we told you it was like Milk & Cheese meets Ren & Stimpy meets Why I Hate Saturn we would probably be looking at a lawsuit, so just trust us when we say it’s good.