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LAUGH COMICS #312 (Archie Series/1977)



*Cover pencils by Stan Goldberg, inks by Rudy Lapick. “The Old Touch,” pencils by Dick Malmgren, inks by Jon D’Agostino; After getting torched by Mr. Weatherbee in basketball practice, Archie goes out of his way to avoid the Principal so he doesn’t have to listen to Weatherbee brag. Hostess snack cakes ad with Josie. “Paper Chase,” script by Frank Doyle, inks by Jon D’Agostino; Chuck gets roped into delivering his cousin’s paper route and Nancy is forced to help him if she ever wants him free to go on their date. “Snow Joke,” script and art by Joe Edwards; Charley tries to figure out how a snowman spoke to him. Archie snowman maze. “Wouldn’t It Be Great?”, pencils by Bob Bolling; Archie speculates on what he’d do if he were as rich as the Lodges.