Normalman 20th Anniversary Special (2004)


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Written and illustrated by JIM VALENTINO Cover by JIM VALENTINO./ – CONCEPT: JIM VALENTINO’s seminal satire, normalman, returns after a decade and takes direct aim at the comic book industry! This time skewering fans, retailers, conventions and “superstar” pros in the all-new “CAPTAIN EVERYTHING ? SUPERSTAR!” Plus, at no extra charge, the first-ever reprinting of “normalman Goes Hollywood” from Epic Lite #1 and, if you act now, a fully annotated retrospective of the entire normalman canon! Face it, effendi, you can’t miss this one! Well, actually, you CAN, but you’ll never forgive yourself. You’ll slide into a manic depressive state, start drinking to excess and kicking your pets around the room. It’ll get ugly, trust us.