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#8 -“When Innocence Dies!” Guest-starring X-Factor. Story by Bob Harras. Art by Paul Neary, Brian Akin, and Steve Garvey. Cover by Walt Simonson. The young mutant previously seen in Fantastic Four 203 is taken to Project Pegasus after his latent power resurfaces in school. After Willie escapes, Iron Man and X-Factor must find him and contain his enormous power before tragedy strikes. Cameo appearances by Mr. Fantastic and Nick Fury.
#9 -“Stratosfire!” Story by David Michelinie and Bob Layton. Art by Mark Bright and Bob Layton. The Roxxon Oil Corporation has created its own corporate superhero, Stratosfire; but what happens when she turns against her corrupt bosses? Iron Man is caught in the middle of a battle between current and former Roxxon operatives, Stratosfire and Sunturion! The final showdown takes place during a Space Shuttle launch. (Note: This issue contains two special pages about Stark Enterprises including an aerial look at the headquarters complex and a diagram of the grounds.
#11 -“If the Termini Come” Guest-starring Machine Man. Stage 2 of the Terminus Factor storyline. Story by Roy and Dann Thomas. Art by Tom Morgan and Randy Emberlin. Cover by Tom Morgan. A termini attacks the Baintronics manufacturing plant in Seattle, Washington searching for large quantities of titanium to consume. Iron Man and Machine Man wage a fierce battle to stop the powerful robot. First back up story: “Media Watch” Story by Evan Skolnick. Art by Richard Howell and David Day. A humorous look at how the local media is covering the Terminus news story. Second backup story: “Mobility” Story by Evan Skolnick. Art by Gavin Curtis and Harry Candelario. Iron Man gets involved in a protest for the rights of handicapped people. Third back up story: “The Awesome Origin of Mrs. Arbogast” Story by Carrie Barre. Art by Steve Ditko. During her first job interview, Mrs. Arbogast helps Shell-head defeat the Whirlwind. Fourth back up story: “The Devil’s Playground” Story by Rob Tokar. Art by Rob Tokar and Chris Ivy. Additional back up feature: “Correspondence” Story by Dwayne McDuffie. (Note: The Terminus Factor saga continues in Mighty Thor Annual 15.)
#13 -Assault on Armor City: Part 3 – “Destroy!” Guest-starring Darkhawk and the Avengers. Written by Len Kaminski. Art by Gene Colan and Al Williamson. NOTE: This tale takes place between Iron Man #283 and 284. The Avengers assemble to stop a full on assault on Stark Industries! Also includes: “Annual Report!” Written by Richard Ashford. Art by David Johnson. Get a run down on Shell Head’s greatest foes! Then in “Cold Fire!” Written by John Tomlinson. Art by Andy Currie. Stark races against the clock to survive before his armor complete malfunctions. Then in “Mrs. A. Takes a Holiday!” Written by Richard Ashford. Art by Cooper Smith and Andrew Pepoy. Just another day at the office… And finally in “Five Minutes!” Written by Tom Brevoort and Mike Kanterovich. Art by Chuck Wostkiewicz and Tim Dzon. Tony Stark takes on Hydra in his super cool Stealth Armor!