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LOST IN SPACE:Space Family Robinson #42 (Gold Key/1975)



*Space Family Robinson was the inspiration for the hit 1960s TV show “Lost In Space.” In this original comic version, the family consists of Craig and June Robinson and their children Tim and Tam. (Robby the Robot was a prop borrowed from the movie Forbidden Planet and was joined by the devious Doctor Smith and the stalwart Major West for the TV version.)

In both versions, the Robinson family is cast adrift in space due to an accident. Their goal is to eventually find their way back to Earth, but a series of mishaps and alien encounters always seems to send them spinning off into space just as they were beginning to get back on course.

This series, which began in 1962, some years before the television show. When the show became a hit, the comic changed its name to to “Space Family Robinson Lost in Space” (later even adding “On Space Station One”), in order to play on the show’s success.