SEA of RED Lot (Image Comics/1991)


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SEA of RED Lot (Image Comics/1991)

*Sea of Red tells the tale of a young sailor turned undead by the crew of a cursed Pirate ship, his century-spanning search for revenge and the tricks that time plays on the mind. THIS ISSUE: 1533. Deep in the night, a ship sinks under mysterious circumstances. Twenty-three year-old Marco Esperanza is the only survivor, left adrift with only a plank of wood to keep him afloat. After days of drifting, he is brought aboard a strange ship. But his salvation turns to nightmare as he learns the ship is the dreaded Black Galleon. The evil mates of the Galleon aren’t just pirates, they’re vampires, and Marco is soon forced to join the damned crew. 2004. Marco Esperanza has spent the past 400 years clinging to life tied to the bow of a sunken vessel in the dark, briny, deep. Surviving on the cold sour blood of fish, Marco awaits his release and a chance for revenge that may never come.