SHOCK ROCKETS Set (Image Comics/2000)*Full Run!


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SHOCK ROCKETS Set (Image Comics/2000)*Full Run!
#1,2,3,4,5,6*final issue

*(W) Kurt Busiek (P) Stuart Immonen (I) Wade Von Grawbadger Strap yourself in — the first release from the most anticipated new line in comics, GORILLA COMICS, is here! Kurt Busiek (Astro City, Avengers, Marvels), Stuart Immonen (Superman, Final Night, Legion of Super-Heroes) and Wade Von Grawbadger (Teen Titans, Starman) join forces to bring you the FIRST GUARANTEED HIT OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM: SHOCKROCKETS! A 6-Issue Monthly Limited Series! The time: Late in the next century. The place: A damaged, battered Earth, struggling to rebuild after a devastating alien invasion. The stars: The Shockrockets, an elite quadron of specialized aircraft – a hybrid of human and alien technology that repulsed the alien invasion and now guards Earth against threats from all quarters. To Alejandro Cruz, a young, machine-mad, blue-collar Los Angeleno, the Shockrockets pilots are Earth’s favored few — the masters of their destiny, who make the world tick instead of enduring shortages and hardship. But when, in a fluke, Cruz becomes a Shockrocket pilot himself, he learns what it’s like from the other side — the pressure, the responsibility, and the power of being a major player on a global stage, including dealing with some very nasty enemies. Cruz is in for the ride of his life, but he’ll have to learn fast — both in the cockpit and out — if he’s going to survive!