WARLOCK 5 Lot (Aircel/Malibu/1986)


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WARLOCK 5 Lot (Aircel/Malibu/1986)
#5,10,11,21,22*final issue

*script by Gordon Derry, art by Denis Beauvais; Morbyd rallys Zania & Tanith to help him kill Doomidor; What they kill is an android copy made by Argon. Argon character bio. The Case of the Stolen Soul (part 2 of 3) starring para-normal investigators Dunwich and Nome. Tanith explodes Argon’s body and drops him into the river; Argon’s head survives and makes new plans; Savashtar tricks Tanith into visiting her own past and stranding her there; Morbyd fails fatally in his latest bid to kill Doomidor.