Fantastic Four #224 (1961 1st Series)*VG+/FINE


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Fantastic Four #224 (1961 1st Series)*VG+/FINE

*It’s the FF versus–Vikings?!? “The Darkfield Illumination.” Script by Doug Moench, pencils by Bill Sienkiewicz, inks by Pablo Marcos. “The Darkfield Illumination” Part 1 of 2. Script by Doug Moench. Art by Bill Sienkiewicz (breakdowns) and Pablo Marcos (finishes). Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz and Joe Sinnott. A mysterious red mist drifts over Manhattan, and when the crimson dust reaches the Baxter Building the FF lose control of their powers! What is going on? The fabulous foursome travel to the North Pole via the Pogo-plane to investigate! And once there…they discover space age Vikings! This issue also publishes, for the first time, the original, unused Jack Kirby/Dick Ayers cover to Fantastic Four 3. Second back up feature: Full-page FF pin-up by Bill Sienkiewicz and Terry Austin. Third back up feature: Four silver age reprinted pages explaining the powers of Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Girl, and the Human Torch. Script by Stan Lee. Art by Jack Kirby.