Fly 01 (1983 Red Circle/Archie)


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Cover art by Jim Steranko. A brief introduction to the Fly and his history. The Return of the Sinister Spider, script by Rich Buckler and Jack C. Harris (plot), art by Jim Sherman; After years of retirement, the magic finally returns to Thomas’ ring and he assumes the identity of the Fly again; Kim, though, is reluctant to take on her powers again; Fly tracks the Spider down. Letter from Dan Eiler. Who Is The Man With The Double Life? starring the Shield, script and art by Rich Buckler; A brief recap of Lancelot Strong’s origin and powers. Advertisement for Lancelot Strong, The Shield #1. …And The God That Fell To Earth, script by Chris Adames, pencils by Trevor Von Eeden, inks by Frank Giacoia; Mr. Justice investigates the death of a suicide jumper, who praises Reverend Prescott and life everlasting in his final breath. Fly back cover art by Rich Buckler.