GI Joe 114 (1982 Marvel)*Newsstand


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“Metal-Head!” As the Battle of Benzheen comes to a head, a group of Joes face off vs. a new Cobra ally, Metal-Head, who proceeds to make quick work of three Joe vehicles. Before he can be apprehended by the angry Joes, a call to cease hostilities goes out on both sides as the Emir was forced in a secret meeting in a neutral country with Cobra Commander to ally himself with Cobra. Characters: G.I. Joe [Salvo; Rock N Roll; Dusty; Hot Seat; Steeler]; Cobra [Iron Grenadiers [Metal-Head]]. Written by Larry Hama, with art by John Statema and Randy Emberlin. Plus: a Flint dossier drawn by Michael Golden. Cover pencils by Andy Kubert.