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STEEL Indestructible Man Lot (DC/1978 Series)
*(Grades Range FINE++/VF-)

#4,5*final issue

*Script by Gerry Conway, pencils by Don Heck, inks by Joe Giella; Heywood fears that Gilbert’s heart attack was caused by his possible realization that Heywood is also Steel, the Indestructible Man; Despite Heywood’s ideological differences with Gilbert, Heywood is more convinced than ever that the United States of America must enter World War II; Kathy Kulhammer chastises Edward Runyon, publisher of the New York Star, for failing to take action during a robbery; Steel pleads with Runyan to use the New York Star to convince Americans to enter the war effort against Germany; The Gadgeteer transforms a common street lamp into a high-powered laser; The laser rapidly heats up an armored car, causing the guards to flee for their lives.