Wild Bullets 01 (2021 Source Point Press)


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Written by Chris Wright. Art by VARIOUS. Cover by Stan Yak, Robert Nugent. Shots fired! The deeply dysfunctional Bullet family has reluctantly agreed to meet up for Thanksgiving. And, of course, there’s a murder. Who’s behind it, and can the Bullets get along enough to save their skin? What will the Bullets do? No spoilers, but their solution involves gunfire. Lots of it. Since each of the Bullet siblings grew up to be a different kind of pulp adventurer – a detective, an archaeologist, a mad scientist, and a monster hunter – when they each take a turn telling the story, a different artist takes over in a different style and genre. So the murder mystery explodes into a pulp mashup of crime, science fiction, horror, and adventure. Come join the Bullets. You’ll be glad you gave them a shot.